‘Overwhelming Majority’ in Favor of EPA Clean Power Plan

Think Progress: “Americans support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan by a margin of nearly two to one, a new poll from the League of Conservation Voters found.”

“Despite the rhetoric from some Republican governors, 70 percent of Americans want their states to develop plans to meet the EPA’s guidelines.”

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“According to the poll, conducted for the League of Conservation Voters by Hart Research, supporters of the plan outnumber opponents pretty much across the board.”

“’A majority of voters in every region of the country support it, as do a majority of voters in every age, education, and income category,’ the researchers found. And while there is majority support among both Democrats and Independents, Republicans are not far behind: 56 percent of ‘non-conservative’ Republicans are generally in favor of the Clean Power Plan, and 58 percent of all Republicans want their state to comply with the EPA rule — even if they don’t support it.”

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  • S1AMER

    What would the outcome have been had people been asked NOT about implementing “these new carbon pollution regulations” and instead been asked about implementing “Obama’s new carbon pollution regulations?”

    I have no doubt that support among Republicans and independents would have shriveled considerably … which is why CPP is so endangered.

  • Calbengoshi

    From a Governor’s perspective, national or even regional polls are irrelevant. What counts is the results of a poll limited to residents (or, even better, likely voters) in his/her state.

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