Trump Isn’t the Only Candidate Talking Policy Nonsense

Paul Krugman: “Both the Republican establishment and the punditocracy have been shocked by Mr. Trump’s continuing appeal to the party’s base. He’s a ludicrous figure, they complain. His policy proposals, such as they are, are unworkable, and anyway, don’t people realize the difference between actual leadership and being a star on reality TV?”

“But Mr. Trump isn’t alone in talking policy nonsense. Trying to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants would be a logistical and human rights nightmare, but might conceivably be possible; doubling America’s rate of economic growth, as Jeb Bush has promised he would, is a complete fantasy.”

“The point is that those predicting Mr. Trump’s imminent political demise are ignoring the lessons of recent history, which tell us that poseurs with a knack for public relations can con the public for a very long time. Someday The Donald will have his Katrina moment, when voters see him for who he really is. But don’t count on it happening any time soon.”

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  • pisher

    It’s true what Krugman says–we don’t have any equivalent of Trump, Christie, Walker, or even Jeb.

    But we do have Bernie Sanders saying that if he isn’t the nominee, there’s no hope. And making promises he could not possibly keep, even in the unlikely event of his becoming President.

    Realism isn’t sexy, but it’s what makes politics work.

    • Red Phillips

      Hence the voting public cannot stomach it.

    • embo66

      Actually, realism is what makes governing work. Politics apparently requires a bit more shinola to get folks interested — and voting.
      Even Obama made promises he couldn’t keep.

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