Conservative Trump is Not Conservative About the Budget

Albert Hunt contends that the biggest budget-buster would be “the self-styled arch-conservative, Donald Trump.”

“The front-running Republican makes lavish promises to boost spending on immigration, the military, veterans and other causes while cutting taxes for the middle class and resisting proposals for offsetting savings.”

“The most detailed Trump plank is on immigration, including plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and to erect a 1,900-mile wall along the Mexican border. Jeb Bush has said those would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Some analysts say that’s a conservative estimate.”

“Trump has also vowed to build up the U.S. military, charging that enemies know America ‘is getting weaker.’ That’s big-ticket budgeting … The money apparently won’t come from trimming entitlements. ‘I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican, and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid,’ Trump insists.”

“Trump has threatened to slap tariffs on Chinese and other imports, suggesting that would provide cash and improve American competitiveness. More likely it would raise the cost of products to American consumers without those accompanying benefits.”


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  • TC Green

    The far right doesn’t care. He has promised to get rid of the brown people and that is all that matters at this point.

    • pisher

      Oh believe me, a lot of them care.

      But not enough to stop him. Not yet.

  • pisher

    Trump doesn’t have politics, in the conventional sense. His only goal is to get favorable attention, and that means identifying things the average uninformed conservative voter (that Fox News has spend decades helping to create) wants to hear, and then saying them.

    And then watching supposedly qualified reasonable candidates like Scott Walker try to top him–hey, let’s build a wall between us and Canada too!

    If viewed as performance art, he deserves the freakin’ Nobel Prize. But he’d probably rather have a Tony. 😉

    • RadicalCentrist

      Except, the uninformed conservative voter wasn’t supposed to want to hear about tax increases on “job creators”.

      • pisher

        A lot of them don’t, let’s be honest. But the GOP is a huge jury-rigged coalition of people who can barely stand each other, but vote together because they like the rest of us even less.

        It doesn’t take much to split a coalition like that to pieces.

        We’d best remember that ourselves, as we contemplate Sanders basically saying that if he’s not the nominee, people who want him would be justified in staying home on election day.

      • embo66

        But Trump hasn’t called for that, not really. He’s specifically mentioned only hedge fund managers — and most people know that Wall Street types don’t create jobs at all (except perhaps for their legions of personal lackeys).

        And Trump is deliberately all over the place on taxes. He’s said that the “carried interest” rate is unfair — but has also called for 1) lowering the corporate tax rate, 2) cutting government spending, 3) putting a stop to debt ceiling increases, and 4) reversing corporate inversions by forgiving companies all past tax evasions in order to “bring them home.”

        IOW, most of what he says is still GOP boilerplate. It’s just HOW he says it that’s different. It really isn’t even supposed to track. He’s just throwing out what he knows justifiably frustrated voters like to hear. Meaning the base GOP voter is very likely as uninformed and dumb as ever.

        But guess what? Bernie Sanders isn’t saying anything revolutionary or new, either. As with Trump, the main difference is in how it’s presented: With lots of anger, hooking in a portion of frustrated progressive voters.

        • RadicalCentrist

          One would really have to look at Trump’s detailed proposals. Certainly carried interest is so egregious that it’s an easy target. The lower capital gains tax rate is justifiable, if at all, only when capital is at risk. With hedge fund managers’ fees, it isn’t their capital at risk at all, only their investors.

          I’m guessing Trump will claim he can cut massive amounts of spending, while preserving entitlements and increasing military spending by being a brilliant manager. That kind of b.s. got Reagan elected, but it’s a different electorate today and there is no hostage crisis.

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