Has Trump Solved the Riddle of the Disappearing White Voter?

Washington Post: “White voter participation — meaning the actual share of those who turn out and vote in presidential and congressional elections — has been declining since about the mid-2000s. And in 2012, that pattern produced a first: African Americans participated in the presidential election at the highest rate, and white voters lagged behind in second place.”

“Look closely: Something is eating white voters and has been for years.”

“This begins to explain why, in the 2016 GOP primary season, a collection of men and one woman who have never held public office — businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former tech executive Carly Fiorina — are outperforming more conventional candidates with more campaign resources.”

“In the crowded Republican field, the candidate who can figure out the Trump Secret Sauce might have a shot at attracting some of Trump’s supporters if and when Trump is out.”

“But solving the riddle of the disappearing white voter is, for every GOP contender, critical.”

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