Trump’s Liberal Tax Policy

The Hill: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Tuesday that she agrees with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump when it comes to raising taxes on wealthy Americans.”

“‘Donald Trump and I both agree that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires, the people who are making their money on Wall Street,’ she said.”

Max Ehrenfreund: “Taxes, for the most part, are what unite the Republican candidates despite their differences and separate them from the Democrats, who are talking about raising them … It is only on taxes that Trump is genuinely crossing party lines.”

“Indeed, on taxes, Trump has more in common with his Democratic opponents than with the Republicans.”

“That doesn’t mean … another Democrat could win over Trump’s legions of supporters … They like Trump because they think that immigration — his main talking point — is making it harder for them to find work, not because of his views on the the uppermost marginal rates (which they don’t pay anyway) or the payroll tax limit for Social Security (which doesn’t apply to them).”

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