Read My Lips: No New Taxes (Unless It’s For the Wealthy)

Wall Street Journal: “How can Mr. Trump lead the Republican presidential field while calling for higher taxes? A look at poll data suggests that a constituency exists for raising taxes on the wealthy—even within the Republican Party.”

“A plurality of Republicans–some 42%—say they’d think less favorably of a candidate who supports raising taxes on the wealthy, Wall Street Journal/NBC News polling found in March. But nearly 3 in 10 said that proposing such a tax increase would make them feel more favorable toward a candidate.”

“Among lower-income Republicans, a small plurality actually says they would feel more favorable toward a candidate who supports raising taxes on the wealthy. That support fades at higher incomes levels.”

“The above offers a glimpse of the populist wave that Mr. Trump is riding in the polls. A substantial part of the party, particularly in rural America, is on the lower end of the income spectrum. Some 37% of the party is made up of people from households earning $50,000 or less, the WSJ/NBC News survey found.”

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