• pisher

    It’s a disgrace, and it’s ruining us on a number of levels, not least financially. Plenty of people in both parties agree, but nobody wants to be labeled ‘soft on crime’.

    We need prisons, and there are people who belong there. But there are many many more who could be useful citizens, and are basically being thrown away.

    Let’s not forget the racial aspect in all this. If we were a mainly white country, we wouldn’t have this incarceration rates, and if we weren’t a majority white country we wouldn’t either. It’s the fear the white majority feels towards the black and brown minority that causes this, more than anything else. And that is the greatest shame of all.

  • emblaze

    Looking at that chart alone, one could say “Hey look: More incarceration = less crime!”

    • embo66

      Not really. America used to be on par with the rest of the developed world in our incarceration rate, but starting with the idiotic “War on Drugs,” our rates soared while everyone else’s stayed about the same. And yet crime rates across the globe all started to drop around 1990, even in all those nations who didn’t increase their incarceration rates — and even with populations growing by about a third overall.

      In other words, the incarceration rate had next to NOTHING to do with preventing crime.

  • Silent_Partner

    There’s money to be made, duh.

  • tomwest

    There seems to be a 30-year lag between crime rates and incareation rates. Could it be that poewrful people in their 40s remember the crime rate when they were in their teens, and act accordingly?

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