Investors: Keep Interest Rates Low

Gallup: “As Wall Street and others anxiously await the Federal Reserve Board’s decision about raising interest rates at its quarterly meeting on Thursday, more U.S. investors continue to say today’s low interest rates do good for consumers by helping borrowers (68%) than say low rates do harm by hurting savers (24%).”

Primary Effect Low Interest Rates Have on Consumers

“Any increase in the Federal Reserve’s federal funds interest rate will be a big deal on Wall Street, at least initially. Whether the rate hike puts enough of a damper on consumer spending to slow the economy is an open question that even the Fed can’t answer, and is partly why it has been so cautious about making the move. Investors have anticipated a hike in interest rates for some time. This suggests investors wouldn’t be shocked if it happens Thursday, possibly limiting the impact it would have on their behavior.”

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