Who Spends the Most on Booze and Smokes?

Washington Post: Which metropolitan areas lead the country where people spend a disproportionate amount of their salary on alcohol, smoking and eating out?

Surprisingly, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area “leads the nation in percent of household expenditure spent on eating out and alcoholic beverage. Here, residents spend 6.10 percent of their total spending on eating out, and 1.21 percent on alcohol … Boston, meanwhile, takes the lead on spending on tobacco, as residents spend 0.65 percent on smokes, compared to an average of 0.44 percent.”

“Geographically, Western metropolitan areas overspend on eating out and alcohol, while overspending on tobacco products is prevalent in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. In Chicago, cigarettes are taxed at the city, county and state level, coming up to $6.16 a pack, the highest rate in the country.”

“The following map looks at places where spending exceeds the average among cities.”

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