CBO: Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Limit Healthcare Access

The Hill: “Cutting off Planned Parenthood’s funding would result in a net savings of $235 million over a decade, while also resulting in ‘several thousand’ unplanned births that would drive up government costs elsewhere, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.”

“A bill to freeze the provider’s funding would save $390 million in Medicaid spending over the next year, according to a report from the nonpartisan office. But it would also cost Medicaid about $60 million more because of the additional pregnancies by women who no longer receive birth control.”

“CBO warned that 15 percent of patients would lose access to care. The people most likely to be affected are those living in areas without other healthcare clinics that cater to low-income populations — most of Planned Parenthood’s current clientele.”

“More women are likely to become pregnant without access to Planned Parenthood’s family planning services. Because 45 percent of all births are paid for by Medicaid, the program’s costs would rise.”

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