What Partisans Hear About the Presidential Front Runners

Gallup: “When Gallup recently asked Americans to say what they recall reading or hearing about [Hillary Clinton], one word — ’email’ — drowned out everything else.”

“Even when the responses of the 279 Democrats and Democratic leaners surveyed are isolated in a word map, ’email’ trumps everything else.”

What Democrats Have Heard About Hillary Clinton, August 2015

“Donald Trump is primarily associated with his core campaign issue: immigration … Trump’s word map based on Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, is highly similar to that based on all Americans, but with less criticism of his personal style and more statements of approval.”

What Republicans Have Heard About Donald Trump, August 2015

“In some ways, these findings may be counterintuitive. The policy-oriented Clinton was defined most heavily at the time of this survey by controversy stemming from past conduct, while the political novice Trump was better known for his policy positions, namely his focus on immigration.”

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