What the New Obamacare Numbers Reveal

Margot Sanger-Katz: “Beyond the headline numbers showing a substantial decline in the number of Americans without health insurance, Wednesday’s Census Bureau report contained some important details.”

The “numbers show a trend that worries some experts on the health law: Takeup among middle-class Americans looks weaker than it does among those earning the least money. There were fewer middle-class people without insurance to begin with, but the numbers still suggest that new options may be unappealing or out of reach to people earning higher incomes.”

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“The census confirms the findings of several earlier studies: States that expanded Medicaid saw substantially bigger reductions in their uninsured rates than those that didn’t. The effect appears to travel up the income scale, too. Even people who didn’t qualify for Medicaid appear to have obtained insurance in greater numbers in states where the Medicaid expansion took place. That may be because states that expanded embraced the health law more fully, and worked harder to get people at all incomes enrolled in insurance.”

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