Fact-Checking Carly Fiorina’s Claim That Pot is More Dangerous Than Booze

Vox: “Carly Fiorina claims that pot is more dangerous than alcohol. “But the evidence shows the opposite is true — marijuana is, in fact, safer than alcohol.”

“A 2010 study published in The Lancet found that alcohol is among the most dangerous drugs in the world, and far more dangerous than marijuana. Drug policy experts disagree with the specifics and value of the rankings — for example, whether alcohol is really more dangerous than heroin and crack cocaine. But one finding they don’t disagree with is that, generally, marijuana is much safer than alcohol.”

A chart of the most dangerous drugs.

“Alcohol’s risk relative to marijuana matters for two big policy reasons: It demonstrates that the public would benefit if people replaced their alcohol use with marijuana, and it shows why politicians like Fiorina should take alcohol policy far more seriously.”

“But since alcohol is a cultural norm and big part of the economy in the US (and much of the world), it’s generally treated by lawmakers as if it’s not dangerous, and as if its risks should just be accepted. But the evidence shows alcohol is a dangerous drug — certainly one that’s riskier than pot. Acknowledging that could be a first step in America’s recovery from its backwards drug policies.”

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