U.S. Takes Top Spot in Renewable Energy Ranking

Clean Technica: “The Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index is a quarterly ranking of 40 countries based on the attractiveness of their renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities, according to a number of macro, energy market, and technology-specific indicators.”

“The most interesting change from an outsiders point of view is that of the top two spots, with China and the US swapping places to place the US back atop the pile. EY highlights ‘President Barack Obama’s much-awaited Clean Power Plan (CPP)’ as the primary reason for the United States’ reascension, which it says ‘sends a strong message of accountability at the state-level for the shift to a low-carbon economy and is expected to galvanize a significant increase [in] renewable energy investment over the next 15 years.’”


“’The CPP is the most comprehensive, far-reaching and flexible emissions legislation in the US to date and gives a clear steer on the country’s long-term energy strategy,’ Warren continued. ‘Targets alone will not construct new projects, but long-term visibility increases investor confidence that demand is there, and maintains momentum as we hurtle towards universal grid parity for renewables.’”


  1. A great story, but kind of depressing that hardly anybody will read it.

    Most of the best things Obama has done have gotten damned little attention, or none at all. It’s like that Futurama ep where Bender meets ‘God’–

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