Americans Don’t Want Pope Speaking Out on Climate Change

Washington Post: “Basically, more people are comfortable with the church bashing free-market capitalism than with it bashing people who doubt that climate change is caused by humans. You have to figure that some not-small part of this derives from the vagueness of the capitalism question and the specificity of the one about climate change, and you have to figure that some part of it is rooted in the hyper-partisanship of climate change politics in the United States. It reinforces, though, that the pope’s efforts to convince the heaviest greenhouse-gas polluters per capita in the world (that is, Americans) of their folly probably won’t succeed.”


  1. Hey, what does it matter if our children, grandchildren and thousands of generations of people to come are forced to live on an overheated planet wracked by storms, floods, droughts…and likely wars between people fighting over dwindling amounts of arid land and crops… just as long as we get to sit in giant, air-conditioned homes, utilize every conceivable energy-consuming device possible, and drive enormous, gas-gulping mechanical barges?

    Today’s Americans will go down in the history of our world as the most selfish, stupid and destructive human beings to have ever inhabited planet earth.

    1. “Denouncing” wasn’t much better. God, what a load of crap from Bloomberg!!

      If they had worded the last two questions in the same positive framework as they did the others, those would likely have garnered equally positive responses.

  2. Perfect example of a terribly worded question. They should have added the question “what does chastise mean?” When dealing with the American public, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

  3. Those are the really stupid people who are incapable of perceiving the big picture and how all life depends on good stewardship of the whole interrelatedness.

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