Rich and Poor Eat Fast Food Equally

A new CDC study finds that on a given day, roughly one-third of American children will eat fast food and the breakdown among income levels is pretty even.

The Atlantic: “Some researchers suggest that it’s actually supermarkets, those ammonia-dusted empyreans and oft-cited silver bullets, that play an outsized role in the national obesity problem. That’s not to say that fast food is good for you, but rather that Americans having cheap access to sugary goods might be a bigger problem. At the very least, the discourse about what causes obesity, particularly among lower-income Americans, deserves some tempering.”


  1. I sense a straw dog nere . . . because who ever said that it was only fast food that was making Americans obese? It’s processed, chemicalized, sugarized food that is the culprit and it is absolutely everywhere: fast food chains, certainly, but also those miles of aisles of cardboard crap in every grocery and convenience store across the land.

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