The GOP: An ‘Insurgent Outlier’

Paul Krugman: “Bad as Mr. Boehner was, he was just a symptom of the underlying malady, the madness that has consumed his party.”

“The Boehner era has been one of budget blackmail, in which threats that Republicans will shut down the government or push it into default unless they get their way have become standard operating procedure.”

In the words of political analysts Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, “the G.O.P. has become an ‘insurgent outlier’ that is ‘ideologically extreme’ and ‘unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science.’ And Mr. Boehner did nothing to fight these tendencies. On the contrary, he catered to and fed the extremism.”

“Mr. Boehner is quitting because he found himself caught between the limits of the politically possible and a base that lives in its own reality. But don’t cry for (or with) Mr. Boehner; cry for America, which must find a way to live with a G.O.P. gone mad.”


  1. Remember that Boehner said “compromise” was a dirty word in a 60 Minutes show appearance, and he allowed the government to shut down in 2013, after stating earlier it was the wrong tactic. He definitely fed the extremism.

    1. They all — Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, — fed the extremism, especially through 2013. The Senate broke all records for filibustering and obstruction. Bipartisan deals were jettisoned more than once in favor of grandstanding. The entire nation came 3 times to the brink of fiscal disaster.

      After the shutdown at the end of 2013, Cantor was ousted (for not being extreme enough!), but McConnell seemed to understand that this stuff was hurting the party (and his own reelection chances). But Boehner never had much choice: The 2014 elections merely brought him MORE extremists in the House, not fewer.

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