The GOP’s Tectonic Rightward Shift

Christopher Ingraham: “John Boehner’s career provides an illustration of the stunning rightward shift among House Republicans in recent years.”

“The chart above plots average conservative ideology scores among House Republicans from the 1960s to today. The data come from political scientists Keith Poole and Howard Rosenthal, who’ve created a widely-used ideology index called a dw-nominate score, which is based on individual legislators’ voting records.”

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  • Calbengoshi

    It’s interesting that there seems to be a correlation between the “conservatism” of Republicans in the House and the increase in the number of House Republicans who come from former CSA states.

  • This is a tectonic shift right off the cliff of viability as a national political party.
    I welcome TeaParty Leadership in both the house and the senate.
    I am bored with this ongoing destruction of American government
    by a party of imbecilic vandals, manipulated by the greed of smart creeps

    It’s going to be painful, but bring it on. Until these fools actually control public policy,
    no one will believe how little support there is for the policies they want.

    • embo66

      Actually, I predict the current GOP will go out with a whimper, not a bang.

  • BarryObama2014

    This is such b.s. it is the Democrats who have moved so far to the left their party is unrecognizable even from 15 years ago.

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