Who Benefits Most From Trump’s Tax Plan?

Vox: “Donald Trump’s campaign claims that his tax cut plan would offer “tax relief for middle-class Americans.” That’s not wrong, exactly — but a new analysis from the left-leaning tax analysis shop Citizens for Tax Justice suggests that the group of Americans getting the most relief would be the top 1 percent:”


“In total, the top 1 percent would get 34 percent of the benefit from Trump’s cuts, and the top fifth would get a full 68 percent of the benefit.”

“Trump’s campaign also claimed that the tax plan would cost nothing. CTJ’s analysis suggests that’s false, concluding that the plan would cost a whopping $10.8 trillion in its first decade.”

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  • CA_Guy

    So someone with an average poverty level income gets a 1.5% bump and some with an average top 1% income gets a 10% bump. Yeah, that’s the way to re-distribute income for a successful economy and nation. It worked really well in the banana republics in days of yore.

  • Calbengoshi

    In the past, as shown by public support for the Reagan and GW Bush tax cuts, as long as the majority of voters believed that their taxes would go down they didn’t seem to care that the tax burden on the rich would go down even more. It remains to be seen whether the voters will continue to support tax cut proposals that benefit the rich more than the middle class.

    As for Trump, if he continues to base his candidacy on an appeal to blue collar white voters, I would not be surprised if he were to “tweak” his proposed tax plan to reduce the benefits for the rich.

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