Are Democrats Angrier than Republicans?

Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post: “A majority — 56 percent — of likely Democratic primary voters said that they ‘feel angry because our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power, like those on Wall Street or in Washington, rather than it working to help everyday people get ahead.’ By contrast, just 37 percent of Republican primary voters express that same anger.”

Here’s a look at how the overall electorate feels on the question:

“What gives? My guess is that the populist strain runs more powerfully at the moment in the Democratic party than in the GOP. Democratic base voters — and that’s who says they are likely primary voters this far away from an election — see economic inequality as the issue of our times and are mad as hell that politicians in both parties aren’t doing enough about it.”

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  • Vista-Cruiser

    I wish Democrats would get angry. Unfortunately, midterm elections pass by without our voters even thinking of stopping by a polling place…

    • Selma Prager

      Vista Cruiser-Many members of the Democratic base, minorities and young people only vote in the presidential election. In addition, Republicans are making it more and more difficult for those groups to vote by requiring photo IDs, then making it difficult for them to acquire them.

      • SilentSword

        What do you mean they’re difficult to get? You can get your free government non-photo ID on the fifth Friday in February, or on any Sunday that government offices are open! Gosh!

  • BarryObama2014

    Of course they are Democrats are emotional voters Republicans are rational voters.

    • Mike in Houston

      The party of Tea Nutz is rational?

      • BarryObama2014

        A party that supports the constitution and managing debt that is rational. But a party like the Democrats that allows illegal immigrants and the deviant 2% control their party is very irrational.

        • lol. Oh you. Nothing about the republican party is rational, extending to and including your posts. But at least you didn’t link us to Rick Roll. Points for trolling fresh.

  • ryp

    This question only measures a specific anger, not whether voters are generally angry. The more partisan and politically involved the more likely one is to find issues, personalities and situations to feel “angry” about, and it is one of the basic tenets of populism that the powerful are playing a rigged game. This is true on both sides of the political spectrum, but if one compares the rhetoric and commentary of liberals and conservatives, it’s undebatable that the right is currently on the grips of continuous rage, of frequently apocalyptic proportions, unmatched by any dissatisfaction found on the left.

    • Which is unfortunate. There’s much to be unhappy about. And we need that motivation to drive voters to the polls to start fixing them.

  • Adam Wilson

    I am a liberal democrat and I’m so livid I have to control myself. I’m furious at the Republican Party and specifically the extremist Neanderthals who populate it now. Im furious at their idiocy and warped stand on all key issues, I’m livid at their head up their ass mentality on guns, climate change, gay rights, immigration, taxes, a woman’s right to choose, you name it. I’m so incredibly furious at these tea bagging lunatics who are so totally wrong on everything, and dangerously so. These angry right wingers don’t have a clue about being really pissed off. And I am especially venomously furious at these sob elected GOP members of government, they are despicable on all fronts.

    • Well, it’s not a contest to be the most legitimately angry. And I’d argue they do indeed have a clue about being pissed off. Just not for good reason; their prejudice drives their hate and anger.

      But other than that, I think you nailed it. They’re idiots and sabotaging every chance at progress we have.

    • Selma Prager

      Adam Wilson- Those Republicans have no idea that when they vote GOP they are voting against their economic self interest. Many Republican governors are refusing to allow members of the underclass to access Medicaid even though it won’t cost the state anything for 3 years and only 10 % after that. Check out the book What’s the Matter with Kansas ? which deals with the problem with many GOP voters. You can go to BarnesandNoble. com and read a review of the book. which deals with the thinking of today’s Republicans.

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