Which State is Most Like the United States?

Philip Bump looks “at the demographic composition of the states as a guide to figuring out which actually matched the United States most closely.”

“Using a big index of census data, I compared each state’s density of racial populations, education, housing status, age groups and a few other metrics and arrived at a simple answer to the question of where the first primary should be held.”

“The state that is most like the United States on the whole? Illinois — followed by Missouri, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. The least like the nation on the whole? Hawaii.”

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  1. Not only did the author arbitrarily assign weights to certain factors, he also was very arbitrary in deciding which factors to include in his so-called “analysis.” By failing to include a number of factors that are important in determining how well a state “represents” the voting populace of the US, the author gets a result that essentially is meaningless.

    However, I do agree with the author that neither Iowa nor New Hampshire is a very good state to use as the “first” state to weigh in on who should be either party’s nominee.

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