• pisher

    Obviously no professed Muslim could be elected President now–we’ve only ever elected one President who wasn’t a mainline Protestant, and he had to promise not to take orders from the Pope.

    So where is this coming from? Part of it is based on Obama-phobia among conservatives; the conviction that because his father was raised Muslim (even though Obama Sr. doesn’t seem to have been a terribly religious man), Obama Jr. is one too, and he just won’t admit it. His childhood years in Indonesia add to that meme. And nothing Obama does or says can ever change their minds.

    The rest is just their fear that America is not going to remain a Christian-majority nation. Which ironically enough, it almost certainly will. All the Latin American immigrants, Catholics and Pentecostals, will see to that. 🙂

  • Platopus

    Will I be blocked with this post if I disagree with your line? There is a lot to say about this – but I may be trying to be a little too intellectually honest about the whole premise of this article and its implications.

  • Platopus

    I thought people make decisions, not religions? If an elected Muslim means instant application of Shira law – then there is a conflict with the Constitution right? Carson said as much. This whole line of innuendo and questioning based on surveys is absurd and nearly impossible to think with or rationally analyze for critical content and comment. Does Sara Goddard really think like this? No, but she would IF she were trying to broad brush some quality or opinion that applies to various persons in any various numbers… not a rationally based analysis Sara because people don’t think like you project, even political affiliation can change and only holds (maybe) on election day. Everyone has opinions, opinions change all the time. Someone can hold contrary opinions and still function in a way proscribed by law, The only conflict about religion held by president is exactly the one claimed by Carson, the office of President is a LAW construct, it is NOT a religious one! Oh boy, that is why the whole form of evidence backing up some implied profoundity here is absurd and not useful beyond propaganda.

    • pisher

      I read this over, and I honestly don’t know what you’re saying.

      An elected Muslim would have the powers of the office he or she was elected to, and there is no elected office in existence that could possibly impose Sharia Law on anybody.

      And not all Muslims want Sharia Law. And do you even really know what Sharia Law is?

      The more conservative aspects of it sound to me very much like what Republicans who are conservative fundamentalist Christians want to impose on the rest of us anyway.

      If we all stand behind absolute separation of Church and State, we have nothing to worry about. But if we’re going to have religious dogma trotted forward as the law of the land, what do I care which religion it is? I want people to have absolute freedom of conscience, and that means that government has to be SECULAR. And for some reason, the people who freak out over Sharia Law freak out just as much when you say that, and support Kim Davis’ right to use her elected office to impose her own Sharia on people.

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