Experts Defend Obamacare ‘Cadillac’ Tax

The Hill: “Dozens of economists and health experts from both sides of the aisle are coming to the defense of ObamaCare’s embattled Cadillac tax.”

“The 101 experts argue, in a letter distributed by the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, that the tax on high-cost health plans will slow the rise of healthcare costs, because employers don’t have enough incentive now to limit the sort of plans they offer.”

“The letter comes after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton endorsed scrapping the Cadillac tax, a position that is popular among organized labor. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), another Democratic candidate, also opposes the tax, and Republicans have long sought to repeal it.”

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  1. Well if public opinion is overwhelmingly against it, we just need the NRA to support it to kill the momentum. The Cadillac tax allows lower income people to continue to have coverage so that we can recklessly shoot everyone up. More guns, yee haw!

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