The U.S. Is Much More Violent Than Other Countries

Slate: “The U.S. really is far more violent than other advanced countries, and you need only to glance at the above chart to see it. The chart, created by Kieran Healy, a professor of sociology at Duke University and republished here with permission, shows the rate at which people die by assault in the U.S. and how that rate has changed over time in orange. In blue, it shows the rates of 23 other wealthy countries. The good news is that the U.S.’s rate has steadily declined since 1980. The bad news is that we’re still about three times as violent as any other country in the dataset.”

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  • pisher

    #1 With a Bullet. :

  • frankelee

    Even non-traditional media sources who have recently, however innocently, found themselves wading into serious crime statistics will soon find themselves running back out when they discover the inextricable nature of race within said statistics. They’ll be contented to stick a toe in and cherry pick a number or two about how violent we are every time there’s an insane gunman in the news.

    • pisher

      Would you care to declare yourself a bit more explicitly, sir?

      Or madam, I don’t mean to assume.

      Race was certainly a factor in the Oregon shooting, since the shooter was a white supremacist.

      Most of the guns (and the kind of guns only an aspiring psycho-killer or revolutionary would ever need at that) are owned by white people. That’s a statistic we should not forget.

      The really random mass shootings are almost entirely committed by white people. And most of the shootings involving non-white people involve entirely non-white people. A white person killed by a gun is usually killed by another white person with a gun. Or by him or herself–like that couple who lived around Ferguson, and went out to buy a gun to protect themselves from angry black mobs, and the girl was fooling around with the gun in the car and shot herself. I guess you could say she was an indirect victim of Black Lives Matter. Maybe she should have started the Dumbass Lives Matter movement? Too late now.

      So yes, race is a big thing in this, and probably the media would rather not get into that. But I’m not sure that was your point.

  • For now anyway, I’ve given up any hope of real debate and change being possible around guns in America. The President was right to call out all America as responsible for the tens of THOUSANDS of deaths due to guns in our country each year. We are a cowardly country…..and I can prove it…the Sandy Hook massacre of 20 children PROVES that as a nation we have decided that that kind of horror is bearable. WE HAVE DECIDED THAT THE MURDER OF CHILDREN IS BEARABLE!!!!

    • pisher

      We are a much larger and more complex and more politically divided nation than most.

      If it weren’t for the Second Amendment, we’d have already fixed it.

      And for that matter, if the left hadn’t blown one Presidential election after another, we’d have a strong liberal majority on the Supreme Court, that could rule the Second Amendment was never intended to allow people to have huge private arsenals of weapons the Founding Fathers couldn’t have imagined, or even remotely applies to things like licensing and registration and etc.

      The language of that amendment is unfortunately vague, and that was due to political tensions between the Federal Government and the States.

  • Alan Wilson

    What constitutes “wealthy” country. Is Saudi Arabia one of the “wealthy” countries? What about Iraq which apparently has more oil than the law allows? And, what is an “advanced” country? Is this study limited only to those advanced wealthy countries with a racial or ethnic majority of a specific type. Compared to the world, where does the United States rank? I don’t know about inquiring minds, but I would like to know.

    • embo66

      Well, you could read the caption under the graph. The one that says, “OECD, excludes Estonia and Mexico.”
      If you didn’t know what the OECD was, you could google it.
      Or you could just follow the link to the original Slate article.

  • Mike

    US… (bang)

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