The GOP’s Fossilized Energy Policy

Paul Krugman observes that “when it comes to energy policy, the G.O.P. has become fossilized. That is, it’s fossil fuels, and only fossil fuels, all the way.”

“Why has the right become so hostile to technologies that look more and more like the wave of the future?”

“Part of the answer is surely that promotion of renewable energy is linked in many people’s minds with attempts to limit climate change … Beyond that, you need to follow the money. We used to say that the G.O.P. was the party of Big Energy, but these days it would be more accurate to say that it’s the party of Old Energy. In the 2014 election cycle the oil and gas industry gave 87 percent of its political contributions to Republicans; for coal mining the figure was 96, that’s right, 96 percent. Meanwhile, alternative energy went 56 percent for Democrats.”

“And Old Energy is engaged in a systematic effort to blacken the image of renewable energy, one that closely resembles the way it has supported ‘experts’ willing to help create a cloud of doubt about climate science.”

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