It’s a First: Washington Works Together to Amend Obamacare

Huffington Post: “President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Wednesday, which is pretty boring in and of itself. The legislation is kind of boring, too. But what made the moment significant is it’s the first time in four years that Congress has sent the president a bill expressly intended to make Obamacare work better, not ruin it.”

“This time, lawmakers identified a problem and worked together to pass legislation to deal with it, and then the president signed it. Just like they teach in social studies.”

“What gets less notice is that Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree on what some of Obamacare’s real problems are — and sometimes the White House does, too. Obama isn’t only paying lip service when he says he’d be happy to sign things that fix the flaws in his sprawling, complicated health care law.”

“It’s not that the law has gone untouched since 2010. Obama has signed 13 bills that changed the ACA, according to the Congressional Research Service. But only once before, in 2011, has the Republican-led Congress passed a bipartisan measure with the express purpose of improving the functioning of the Obamacare-regulated health insurance market. In the other cases, mostly minor tinkering to the ACA was part of bigger bills with broader aims.”

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