Uninsured Rate Holds Steady at 11.6%

Gallup: “The uninsured rate among U.S. adults aged 18 and older was 11.6% in the third quarter of 2015, essentially unchanged from 11.4% in the second quarter, and down from 11.9% in the first quarter. The uninsured rate has declined 5.5 percentage points since the fourth quarter of 2013, just before the requirement for Americans to carry health insurance took effect in early 2014.”

Percentage uninsured in the U.S., by quarter

“The steadiness in the uninsured rate in the third quarter is not surprising given that the open enrollment period for 2015 ended in February. Similarly, the uninsured rate also held steady between open enrollment periods last year. Open enrollment through the marketplace exchanges will begin Nov. 1, but coverage for many who sign up during that period will not kick in until January 2016. Therefore, the full effect of the 2016 enrollment period on the uninsured rate may not be evident until the open enrollment period ends on Jan. 31.”

While proponents of the Affordable Care Act are likely encouraged by the reduction in the uninsured rate since late 2013, it is unclear how much further it will decline.


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