How Do Texans Like to Cuss?

Washington Post: “Conventional wisdom has it that the coasts of the United States — especially the Northeast and the West Coast — are more vulgar than the rest of the country. Blue states in these regions tend to have more socially liberal residents and fewer religious conservatives, the reasoning goes. Ipso facto: Fouler mouths.”

“And that holds true — for the most part. But when it comes to swear-word substitutes, middle America isn’t exactly on the same page.”

“Linguist Jack Grieve of Aston University in the United Kingdom is known for studying what cuss words Americans say, and which words are preferred in certain regions. The maps below are based on data from nearly 9 billion tweets.”

“The word ‘crap’ is a favorite in Texas, the lower Midwest, the Upper South and … wait for it … Utah.”

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