1. Nobody needs a Presidential imprimatur on his or her recreational drug use. She’d be alienating voters she needs for no purpose other than to make a section of the base feel personally vindicated, which is silly.

    Why do we act like caution in a Democratic President is timidity, and lack of caution in a Republican is insanity? Caution is caution, regardless of politics, and it’s something we sorely need in the most powerful human being on earth.

    1. agreed…caution is needed when looking at bombing the Middle East…Caution is needed when crossing a busy street…but you are right about it….there still is a “stigma” associated with the partaking of the weed…Reefer Madness rules the GOP…and whispers to our Democratic Leaders…Colorado hasn’t fallen off the map, we haven’t fallen into the Pit of Hell, unless you are a Dr. Chaps follower, and we haven’t gone off the deep end…We go fishing instead…

  2. Wait….WHUT? Free the Weed…There need not be a Law written, but there is a person who can change the classification of weed…and there are other ways to legalize it without harming the chances of an elected person…Cowardice on issues is the issue..

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