Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Fall Short of Projections

The Hill: “The Obama administration on Thursday announced a goal of having 10 million people signed up for ObamaCare coverage next year, fewer than a million more than are enrolled this year.”

“Hitting the goal would be an increase of just 900,000 people from the 9.1 million people that the administration expects will be enrolled at the end of this year. The goal of 10 million sign-ups is far below a Congressional Budget Office projection in June that 20 million people would be signed up in 2016.”

“The administration says that projection assumed that people would drop employer-sponsored coverage and shift to the ObamaCare marketplace, but that shift has not occurred.”

“The slowing projected rate of sign-ups has raised questions about how many more enrollees are coming in future years.”

“Overall, the administration said last month that 17.6 million people have gained coverage through the law’s marketplaces, Medicaid expansion, or by staying on their parents’ plans until age 26.”

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