The Difference Between Extreme and Moderate GOP Candidates? Not Much.

Paul Krugman asks when it comes to the more extreme Republican candidates – Trump, Carson and Cruz (“the triumverate of crazy,” in his words) – why don’t GOP voters “realize that these are crazy people? Maybe because the things they say aren’t all that different from what supposedly reasonable Republicans say.”

“A case in point: The Donald has just come out with a monetary conspiracy theory: the reason the Fed hasn’t raised rates has nothing to do with low inflation and global headwinds, Janet Yellen is just doing Obama a political favor. Crazy, right?”

“But how different is this, really, from Paul Ryan and John Taylor claiming that quantitative easing wasn’t a good-faith effort to support a weak economy, but an attempt to “bail out fiscal policy”, preventing the fiscal crisis Obama’s policies were supposed to produce?”

“The difference between establishment Republicans and the likes of Trump, in other words, isn’t so much the substance of what they say as the tone.”

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  • pisher

    The difference is that with some exceptions, the others are only commuting there, slumming really–Trump, Carson, and Cruz are native-born residents. Of course that gives them an unfair advantage.

  • embo66

    I’m glad Krugman has finally woken up to the fact that, at this point, the difference between the wingnuts and the “establishment,” the Tea Party and the rest of the party, is merely one of tone — and tactics.

    The crazies want to burn down the house NOW. The so-called reasonable ones know enough to “merely” want to dismantle the house — and dub it “Rebuilding America.” That way they can hoodwink the rest of us into thinking no actual destruction is going on,

    Hell, it’s worked for 20+ years . . .

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