NRA Still Enjoys Majority Support Among Americans

Gallup: “Despite a year of blistering criticism from gun control advocates about the National Rifle Association’s hard-line stance against gun restrictions amid a spate of mass shootings nationwide, 58% in the U.S. have a favorable opinion of the NRA.”


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  • aabb4455

    Not this American. The NRA are domestic right wing terrorists. The 58% of people in this poll are obviously right wing gun nuts.

  • Victor Laszlo

    How many of that 58% think that NRA refers to the National Recovery Administration?

  • OBX47

    Where was this survey taken? I can’t believe the majority of Americans really support this objectionable group.

    • Michael

      Maybe they took it at a screening of the next “planet of the apes” film? Maybe at a republican debate? Maybe an nra meeting?

  • moderatesunite

    to the two posters below no that doesn’t mean that a large majority of americans support the policies proposed by the NRA, just look at the poll the other day on wonk wire showing an increasing number of americans supporting increased gun regulation.
    However, it does mean that most Americans don’t follow political news 24/7 and don’t know what policies the NRA is advocating. they hear national rifle association, and think something like “sure I have positive impression of the hunters and lots of people near me have their stickers.”

    • mjk1093

      Yep. Issue polling is almost always contradictory. Most people hold their opinions vaguely and in isolation from their other beliefs, so that they might support the NRA and stricter gun control at the same time, or be in favor of universal health care while opposing any actual program that would enact it.

      This is why personality and framing matter so much in politics.

  • Michael

    I clicked on the story, but I couldn’t find a link for how Wayne lapierre is doing in hypothetical match ups against Hillary Clinton. Does anyone have those numbers? Because I’m assuming that they asked the same questions about it as they ask about her. What is the nra’s position on restricting the weapons used in the Benghazi attack?

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