King Of Fakes Review – My Experience

After falling victim of many scams I finally found a legitimate fake ID vendor. Here is my review of the ID I received from King Of Fakes.

Quebec Review:

Communication: 10/10- Sent them one email and got a response within 3 hours, so solid work.  Very reasonable, especially considering how busy they probably are lol.  I was expecting like 3 days, but was pleasantly surprised.  I asked if they could make Quebec as NO ONE can and they said sure!  They instructed me to order their Texas and write in the ordering notes that I wanted it to be Quebec and they pulled trough.

Template: 9.3/10- Quebec is a pretty difficult ID to make and Kingoffakes did a great job.  The text placement is perfect, as is the coloring.  The Driver’s license they let me pick which is awesome and not a lot of places will let that happen.  The only negative, and I am being very nit picky here, is the word “Quebec” should be a touch bigger.  No one, not even bouncers will notice, but I thought I would mention that. 

Photoshop: 10/10- I have zero complaints.  This gets a 10/10.  Every stray hair I have was included and I didn’t get like a weird Photoshop cut.  Amazing.  These Photoshop people are truly extraordinary.

Scanning: 10/10- I used a PDF 417 Driver’s License checking app and it scanned fine.  I have also used it at my local Applebees and liquor store and it worked great there as well.  100% will work anywhere.  So cool!

Holos/OVI: 8.9/10- Quebec OVI is very prominent and super bright.  The OVI on this ID was bright, but could be a touch brighter.  I’m giving an 8.9/10 for that.  Still is amazing, but not perfect like some other things they did. 

UV: 10/10- I bought A UV light bulb just to est this as I am a paranoid person.  10/10.  1:1 with my real ID.  Another thing that Kingoffakes absolutely perfected.  In my opinion, this is the coolest part about the ID and it’s even cooler to show it off.  They have the only Quebec ID that has the UV to my knowledge.  Terrific work.  

Signature: 10/10- Customer service instructed me on how to submit the signature.  I simply followed their instructions and got a perfect product.  That’s how all business should be.  Simple, quick, and efficient.  Great job again to their Photoshop team.  They are the best in the business.

Conclusion 10/10: Quebec is a very rare ID to find, Kingoffakes has made IDs for my friends before so I figured I’d ask if they can make a Quebec.  They said they could so it never hurts to ask.  I will be using this ID for the next 3 years so I plan to make many memories with this thing.  They bend like the real ID does and feels identical as well.  I have taken a few snapchats of it and sent it to friends because it is so hard not to show off.  A lot of people are hitting me up now where did I get it, so I will be reselling some to friends.  Great to know I can trust them with business! Will be doing more. Order at .