Could an Upset in Kentucky Herald a Rollback for Obamacare?

Modern Healthcare: “Kentucky’s status as a one of the few Southern states to embrace the coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act was thrown into question Tuesday with the election of Republican Matt Bevin to succeed Democrat Steve Beshear.”

“The Obama administration has hailed Kentucky’s success at extending health benefits to more residents under the Affordable Care Act. The number of uninsured in the state dropped from 20% in 2013 to about 9% this year.”

Matt Ford in The Atlantic: “The impact on health care in the Bluegrass State would be significant if both programs are reversed. About 400,000 Kentuckians qualified under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, according to the Huffington Post, and another 100,000 received health insurance through KYnect.”

“Kentucky would be the first state to reverse the expansion after its acceptance. Bevin’s success (or failure) could herald the next wave of political battles to be fought over the implementation of President Obama’s signature domestic legislative achievement.”

Modern Healthcare: “Bevin may face some opposition, however, if he moves to eliminated the programs. In a recent poll, fewer than a quarter of respondents were in favor rolling back the healthcare programs and more than half were opposed.”

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  • mtnycz

    Bevin has already backtracked a bit on this by saying he will only prevent new enrollees from signing up but not taking it away from people who already have it. This was, gets to keep his tea-cred without angering a large enough sector of the population to bounce him in one term or less.

    • pisher

      They probably have most of the current Kentuckians who need the programs already, but that’s a real kick in the head to all the ones who will be needing it in the years to come.

      And it will still seriously damage his tea-cred.

  • please proceed, tyrants

  • hipsteriac

    I wonder how many of the 4-500,000 at risk of losing their health care voted against the man who promised to take it away? How many of them went door to door in their neighborhoods, or buttonholed their coworkers? How many worked phone banks and cold called people across the state?

    Progress takes effort.

    • gnatswatting

      Anger and opposition motivates people more than support and good feelings for something. That’s why wingnuts do as well at the polls. Sadly, going negative usually works.

    • Phaedrus

      How many of them have the time? You’re talking about the working poor and self-employed here. Leave victim-blaming to the right wing.

      • hipsteriac

        Oops. I didn’t realize people who don’t bother to vote are victims.

        • Phaedrus

          Voting is one thing. It’s also something that’s hard for the working poor, as they often don’t get time off to do so. But you were talking about working phone banks and walking door-to-door, which are things the working poor definitely don’t have time for. Because volunteering doesn’t keep your kids fed.

  • S1AMER

    A cynic would say that ignorant voters, those people who are conned into voting against self interest, get the politicians they deserve.

  • BMc

    Can we just dial-back the insanity here – let’s not over “First Read” this result (yeah that’s a slam on NBC, not what I regard as a reliable read on anything current – you can only rely on their “retrospective” articles). Think what would happen to any elected official who took health care from as many as 11% of the states population???
    Seriously people, look no farther than Nebraska for what happens to governors who take unreasonable ideas to their wacky conclusions. Note the info from mtnycz below.

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