Majority of Republicans View Medicaid Expansion Favorably

Drew Altman: Thirty states have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act since the Supreme Court made it a state option in 2012 … You would think expanding Medicaid is a political black mark in the eyes of all Republicans … But the limited polling the Kaiser Family Foundation has done on the issue has found that most Republicans do not oppose Medicaid expansion. In fact, they favor it.

“In a December 2014 poll, 52% of Republicans said they had a favorable view of Medicaid expansion, 44% had an unfavorable view, and 3% did not voice an opinion. In the same poll, as the chart above shows, 56% of Republicans in states that had not expanded Medicaid had a very favorable (23%) or somewhat favorable (33%) view of expansion. This survey was conducted too far in advance of the 2016 primary elections to poll likely Republican voters. Views were also different in two strongly anti-expansion states in polling Kaiser did with the New York Times in 2014. A majority of Republicans in Louisiana (66%) and North Carolina (53%) preferred that their state keep Medicaid as is.”

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