Renewables to Overtake Coal as World’s Largest Power Source

Eco Watch: “The International Energy Agency’s latest report found that ‘in advance of the critical COP21 climate summit in Paris, there’s a clear sign that an energy transition is underway.’ The World Energy Outlook 2015 report, published today, found that ‘renewables contributed almost half of the world’s new power generation capacity in 2014 and have already become the second-largest source of electricity (after coal).’”

“The report also found renewables are set to become ‘the leading source of new energy supply from now to 2040.’ And renewables will overtake coal as the largest source of electricity generation by the 2030s.”

“’Renewables-based generation reaches 50 percent in the EU by 2040, around 30 percent in China and Japan, and above 25 percent in the United States and India,”’ according to IEA estimates.”

Pie charts are rubbish - but basically less coal, more wind, solar

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