Are Iowans Really That “Stupid?”

Philip Bump counters Trump’s assertion about the stupidity of the “people of Iowa.”

“Well, we can answer that. Not stupid at all. In fact, Iowa is one of the smartest states in America … In order to figure out how smart each state was, we looked at objective measures we had at our disposal. Specifically:”

  1. IQ, as estimated by Virginia Commonwealth’s Michael McDaniel in 2006
  2. 2015 SAT scores, compiled by The Post
  3. 2015 ACT scores, via the company that administers the tests
  4. The percentage of college graduates in the state, compiled by the Census Bureau

“The results? Iowa is the eighth-smartest state, behind, in order: Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kansas and Vermont. Donald Trump’s home state of New York came in 17th. The bottom five states were Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada and, in the 50th spot, Hawaii.”

“One very good way not to figure out how smart a state is is by judging its early-primary polling. If you’re Donald Trump, the stupidest conceivable position for a Republican voter is to support someone else. But that is about as subjective an analysis as you can imagine. By any other metric, Iowa’s interest in voting for someone besides the New York real estate magnate is a decision being made by a pretty smart state.”

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