White Working-Class Americans: A Persecuted Group?

Citylab reports on a recently released American Values Survey.

“With a focus on national-level concerns and the presidential election, the survey provides insight into why some Americans support the candidates they do. Particularly visible are the anxieties of white, working-class voters, who form the majority of Donald Trump’s Republican backers. Their support for Trump appears to be most closely linked to attitudes on immigration. Sixty-nine percent of Trump supporters responded that immigration is a critical issue to them personally, compared to just half of those who support other Republican candidates.”

“White, working-class Americans also voice also a strong sense of personal discrimination against them. Nearly three-quarters of Trump supporters feel that ‘discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities,’ compared to 57 percent of supporters of other Republican candidates and 25 percent of all Americans. Forty-two percent of Trump’s backers believe that “white men face a lot of discrimination in the U.S. today,” 12 percent more than those supporting other Republican candidates.”

“Who cares what white, working-class Americans think? Obviously, it matters from a political perspective. But recall that this group has been making news for reasons other than its support of Trump.”


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  • gloriousglo2

    Basically, and I think I can say this as a 58 year old, upper middle class white guy, these folks think they are being persecuted by and large because they are more likely than not in this day and age to be called out for being an azzhat. That’s basically their beef. I want to be able to treat people not like me any way I want, then when there’s push-back I reserve the right to whine about that. Pretty simple actually.

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