Americans Increasingly Concerned With Harmful Effects of Global Warming

The most recent Yale Project on Climate Change newsletter announces the the release of their latest national survey: Climate Change in the American Mind: October 2015.

“This report details results from our latest national tracking survey about global warming beliefs, risk perceptions, conversations, perceived ethical dimensions, and the impact of Pope Francis on American views of global warming.”

“Here are a few interesting findings. Since spring 2015, the number of Americans who think global warming will cause harm has increased substantially. More think global warming will harm them personally (42%, +6 percentage points since spring 2015), people in the U.S. (56%, +7 points), people in developing countries (61%, +9 points), and future generations (70%, +7 points).”

“The number of Americans who say they discuss global warming with family and friends at least occasionally increased by 9 percentage points over the past six months, from 26% in spring 2015 to 35% in fall.”

“Majorities of Americans say global warming is a major environmental (69%), scientific (62%), or agricultural issue (56%). About half consider it a major health (49%) or economic issue (47%). Fewer consider it to be a major moral (24%), poverty (17%), social justice (17%), national security (14%), spiritual (8%), or religious issue (7%).”

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  • KiteFlyer89

    I give Bernie credit for not backing down on this being a real, major issue (and yes, national security concern) at the debate.

  • Calbengoshi

    I think the reason so few Americans view climate change as a national security issue is because most Americans tend to confine their concerns to the short term, rather than the long term. The military, on the other hand, looks at both short-term and long-term threats to national security, and that’s why DOD started studying the likely national security impacts of climate change long before Obama was elected.

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