1. Legitimate concerns about political correctness (stuff like ‘trigger warnings’ deserves all the mockery it receives and more) is initially used by portions of the not-far-left to critique, then the term gradually expands to a vague right-wing writeoff for anything that seems not actively reactionary. “Black people are pushing back against a policing culture in which black men are killed and the officer gets off scot-free? PC run amok!”

    This always happens, happened in the 90s too.

    1. I think people who aspire to be politically correct OR politically incorrect (like Bill Maher) are equally laughable.

      It comes down to showing respect for people. But it can get ridiculous at times. Like the present campus craze of eliminating any mention of major historical figures who were racists. So, all of them?

      I mean, if that goes far enough, what happens to all the black families named Washington, Jefferson, etc? Are we going to rename the nation’s capital?

      It’s just a bunch of cheap meaningless victories that accomplish nothing–getting the Stars and Bars out out public places in the south made sense, because that was a living symbol of both Slavery and Jim Crow, and had no other purpose. But the goal in things like that is not to erase history–the goal is to learn from it. I’m afraid too many students now just want to forget the past, which means they’ll end up repeating it. Regardless of race, college kids tend to be a pretty sheltered pampered bunch, and they sometimes seem to be more concerned with hurt feelings than actual substantive progress.

  2. Very often charges of so called “political correctness” are made by folks who got caught in the act of being bigots.

    1. What they mean is “My beliefs are correct, but yours are not, so I can be as irreverent as I want about what you believe, but don’t you dare slaughter any of my sacred cows.”

  3. The problem with the term ‘politically correct’ is that is means whatever those using it want it to mean. For instance, those who defend Muslims are ‘politically correct’ but those who defend Christians are ‘politically incorrect’ as those who critique Christians.

    So, the term is basically just a right wing blanket attack on those who criticize whatever they support. Kind of like those right wingers used to complain the way those on the ‘left’ used the ‘racist’ term.

    Whenever I read people use the term ‘politically correct’ I always respond “is your position politically correct or politically incorrect. It’s so hard to tell these days “

    1. Well, the etymology is more complicated–the term began with Marxism. But it really began as a way for more intellectually flexible leftists to make fun of those who were determined to be absolutely ‘correct’ in their interpretation of Comrade Karl’s Holy Writ.

      All conservatives practice political correctness, but they have never used the term in a positive way, and really, it’s bizarre that anyone ever has, because the left-wing people who originated it were saying that it’s silly to act as if there’s only one correct way to believe, act, or speak.

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