The Number of Americans and the Number of Guns

Philip Bump provides a clear visual on the number of guns owned by Americans.

“Historic data was compiled by Florida State University professor Gary Kleck in his 1991 book Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America and cited by The Truth About Guns in a look at the growth of gun ownership. Kleck’s research was cited by the Congressional Research Service in its 2012 assessment of the number of guns in America (on which Ingraham based his analysis). Thanks to annual reports from the Department of Justice detailing the number of guns made, imported and exported each year, we can extrapolate outward from a number of points to estimate how many guns are in the United States currently.”

“Using Kleck’s numbers through 1987, a National Institute of Justice survey from 1994 (cited by the CRS) and CRS estimates for 1996 and 2007, we can generate a range of possible values for the number of guns in the United States, as above. In every case, the figure is now greater than the number of people in the United States.”

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