Which Politician Lies the Most?

PolitiFact editor Angie Drobnic Holan, writing in The New York Times claims that “Donald J. Trump’s record on truth and accuracy is astonishingly poor. So far, we’ve fact-checked more than 70 Trump statements and rated fully three-quarters of them as Mostly False, False or “Pants on Fire” … We haven’t checked the former neurosurgeon Ben Carson as often as Mr. Trump, but by the percentages Mr. Carson actually fares worse.”

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“Even though we’re in the midst of a presidential campaign full of falsehoods and misstatements, I see cause for optimism. Some politicians have responded to fact-checking journalism by vetting their prepared comments more carefully and giving their campaign ads extra scrutiny.”

“More important, I see accurate information becoming more available and easier for voters to find. By that measure, things are pretty good.”

“When friends conclude despondently that the truth doesn’t matter, I remind them that people haven’t started voting yet. I don’t take current polls too seriously because data suggests that most people don’t settle on a candidate until much closer to casting their vote.”

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  • pisher

    See, the candidates who lie the most are the ones who never believed there ever was any such thing as ‘truth’ to begin with–or rather, that the truth was whatever they needed it to be at a given moment, nothing more or less. Therefore, they are not consciously lying, because to them, truth is a construct, and they reconstruct it every time they open their mouths.

    And interestingly, the three candidates who stand at the top of this chart also stand at the top of the polls with GOP voters. Give the people what they want.

    • pbrower2a

      True — people who claim that something is true because they say that it is true are the biggest liars short of those who use Orwellian Newspeak.

  • Wishful Thinker

    Yes, and there is no such thing as “false” equivalence. Both parties do it! They are equally guilty! A pox on both their houses!

    • Ygorbla

      Username checks out.

      Did you look at where Republicans vs. Democrats stand in the list above? One party does it a lot more than the other.

      • pisher

        He could have been more clear about it, but pretty sure that’s snark.

        Honestly, these days, who can tell the difference?

        • dylan111

          Well, I can tell that five of the six names in the bottom third of the poll, indicating the most truthful politicians, are the names of Democrats. I can also tell that except for Joe Biden (towards the bottom) all the rest of the most deceptive politicians listed are Republicans. So yes, there is a difference.

          • pisher

            I meant how you can tell when somebody is kidding, when people say the most ridiculous things and are often deadly serious.

            Context. You have to read things in context, man. 🙂

  • Calbengoshi

    The only participant’s in tomorrow’s “main debate” of GOP candidates who is not listed in the NYT article written by PolitiFact is John Kasich.

    According to PolitiFact’s website, only 17% of statements made by Kasich that were rated by PolitiFact were either “pants on fire,” “false” or “mostly false,” which would give him a better score than anyone listed. However, PolitiFact doesn’t say how many of Kasich’s statements it rated.

    • pisher

      Kasich is honest enough, but terribly out of touch–with both the far-right of his party, and the mainstream of the country.

      I would not say the most honest politician necessarily makes the best leader. Let alone the best candidate. But you want them to at least know the difference between the truth and a lie.

  • jgtbh

    The GOP doesn’t make these statements for the Fact Checkers… they make them for their base who don’t really care about facts!

  • Blake

    “You’re entitled to your own opinion. You’re not entitled to your own facts.”

  • Blake

    “You’re entitled to your own opinion. You’re not entitled to your own facts.”

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