Where do the Brainiest Americans Live?

Citylab: “While nearly 40 percent of Americans have a college degree and about a third of workers are members of the creative class, just 11 percent of adults 25 and over have a graduate or professional degree. But where exactly are these super-brains located?”

“To get at this, my Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) colleague Karen King used data from the 2011-2013 American Community Survey to identify the geography of the extremely highly educated across all 381 U.S. metros. MPI’s Isabel Ritchie made the maps, and we separated out the results for large metros with over one million people.”

“Washington, D.C., tops this list of large metros with 23 percent of residents holding an advanced or professional degree. Following closely behind are San Jose, Boston, San Francisco, and Hartford. Baltimore (home to Johns Hopkins), New York City, Raleigh in the North Carolina Research Triangle, Denver, and Rochester round out the top ten.”


      1. Okay, but–Rochester?

        I’m not saying I thought people there were dumb or anything. Just would not have thought they’d be in the top ten.

  1. What is significant? What attracts highly-educated people. Under-educated people can live in miserable places with a Wal*Mart culture and see nothing wrong with it. A low cost of living means nothing if one isn’t really living — unless “living” means dining out at a chain restaurant or watching television.

    Just look at the High Plains. In such places the highly-educated people are the physicians, attorneys, and maybe some clergy or teachers.

  2. @pbrower2a:disqus Just to defend a so-called wal*mart culture, take it from me who lives in an area like that and has the job / salary to speak with more urban population. To assumed that living in a more economically depressed area leads to lack of culture is wrong. We don’t even have a chain restaurant unless you count mcdonalds or taco bell because no applebees would make enough money in rural America. Some people just choose to avoid living in a tan box next to hundreds of other tan boxes in a tract neighborhood or in some neverending maze of concrete where your front yard is the public sidewalk or some 6 x 6 patch of gravel and a lantana bush.

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