• Misleading Onion

    What is the unlabeled state on the chart between OK and AL?

    • Tim Cooper

      There’s 51 dots and it’s too conservative to be DC. Huh.

      • pisher

        DC is one of the 51, and is solidly blue. Click on the link if you want to see the diagram clearly.

        That DC has fewer shootings than most of the red states is really disturbing, btw. Still a high-crime area. though much less so than it used to be.

    • CB123

      I’m thinking it must be Alaska. I couldn’t see Alaska anywhere else.

      • Misleading Onion

        AK is at top-center on the diagram. I think the unlabeled one may be Wyoming, which I don’t see elsewhere, and would be expected in that area of the chart.

        • CB123

          Totally missed that. Thank you.

          • JOS1999

            Hey CB123! Political Wire Banned me about three hours ago. Now, all those people were attacking me and TROLLING MY original posts. I don’t appreciate people able to send me criticism and me not able to reply. As for your assertion about good answers? REALLY? Not one could show me when President Obama has visited Chicago for more than a couple of hours or days for anything other Than fundraisers. Hey, but I respect the fact that your posts are open. You should call out the people that kept responding to MY ORIGINAL POSTS and got me Banned as Trolling. Trolls flag comments. I will NEVER try to inhibit freedom of speech.

  • Tim Cooper

    So the context-sensitive ad to the right is “JOIN NRA, FREE DUFFEL BAG!” Heh, no. Already made that mistake once.

  • realnrh

    So, basically, being in a state where people are more likely to have lots of unregulated firearms makes it more likely that you’ll get killed by a firearm. Amazing.

  • what about all the good guys with guns?

    • See? It’s working. They’re killing all the bad guys with guns. And that’s in red states. NRA is all wise.

  • what about all the good guys with guns?

  • john9999030326594598

    Red states further enhance their own suicides rates by all methods and not just guns because they never want the minimum wage to increase. nor do reds state want its citizens to have health care. But in a red state doctors are NOT needed because you are supposed to pray yourself healthy by talking to God.. Plus red states are the most racist and HATEFUL of Mexicans Muslim and are all blamed for crime of all kinds. Red states only hope of holding there population numbers is to mass incarcerate its populations in prisons where high concentrations of Christians are found. Also it is found because of Red States bleak future they also keep a large supply of coat hangers around in order to make up for the lack of womens clinics. Small towns and cities that lack coat hangers and clinics are also more likely to leave loaded guns on the kitchen table for their kids to play with.

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