Trump’s Image Didn’t Take a Hit on Muslim Proposal

Gallup: “Donald Trump’s image among the overall U.S. population has trended up, not down, after his Dec. 7 recommendation that the U.S. prevent Muslims from coming into the country. The statement was met with extraordinary controversy — even for Trump — and most of his fellow Republican candidates, along with Democratic leaders, denounced it. Clearly, it would not have surprised many observers if Trump’s image had taken a hit as a result.”

“But we can reject that hypothesis, at least based on data we have collected so far. Trump had a negative image among American adults to begin with, but it became slightly less so after his pronouncement, rather than more so. In the two weeks leading up to and including Dec. 7, Trump had a net favorable score among national adults of -27, based on a favorable percentage of 32% and an unfavorable percentage of 59%. That improved slightly to a net favorable of -22 (34% favorable, 56% unfavorable) for the nine days from Dec. 8 to Dec. 16.”

Opinions of Donald Trump Among National Adults

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  • pisher

    That’s not a very big change–really almost no change, a statistical hiccup–so basically the people who didn’t like him weren’t surprised, and neither were the people who do. I mean, he opened his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and promising The Great Wall of America, and then promised to deport all illegal immigrants. People who liked that (and believed it was possible to do) were not going to be bothered by him talking about a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, even if the San Bernardino shootings had not happened.

    It’s still a huge disapproval rating.

    • Calbengoshi

      It’s the fact that there has been no downward change, rather than the fact that the upward change is so small, that seems to be confounding the political establishment.

      • pisher

        There could have been downward change, and Gallup just failed to register it. It’s Gallup. But in any event, the people who liked the idea of building a humonguous wall along our southern property line to stop Mexican rapists were pretty damn near guaranteed to like the notion of putting up a giant “No Muslims–You’re all Terrorists!” sign on our lawn.

        The pundits are baffled nobody is listening to them. They always are.

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