Big Surge in Obamacare Enrollment

L.A. Times: “A big surge of consumers this fall is pushing up enrollment in health coverage offered through the Affordable Care Act, providing an unexpected boost to insurance marketplaces created by the law, according to new data from the federal government.”

“Through this week, nearly 6 million people have selected health plans for 2016 through”

“The strong demand for Obamacare coverage in the law’s third enrollment period may further solidify the markets, which are still evolving as insurance companies and consumers continue to adapt to the new healthcare environment.”

“Polls and other surveys indicate some 17 million previously uninsured Americans have gotten coverage through marketplaces, Medicaid and other sources.”

“Thus far, 2.4 million of the nearly 6 million enrollees have been new to the marketplace, more than a third more than signed up at this point last year, according to HHS officials.”

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