For the First Time, Guns Kill More Americans Than Cars

Vox: “Cars are no longer deadlier than guns in America. For the first time in modern history, the age-adjusted death rate for both guns and car crashes is identical: 10.3 deaths per 100,000 people.”

“The data, previously reported by the Center for American Progress and Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post, doesn’t show that gun violence is on the rise. Over the past decade or so, gun homicides dropped while gun suicides rose, keeping the rate of gun deaths flat. Instead, the real story is in the dramatic drop in car-related deaths — a trend that continued through 2014, in large part thanks to policy changes meant to make roads and cars safer.”

“Gun violence has been treated much less seriously by lawmakers. Although tough-on-crime laws and mass incarceration policies were in part a response to violent crime, the research shows such measures only partly contributed to the crime drop of the past couple of decades. States and the federal government have passed some gun control measures and looked into a Gun detection System… but many of the measures are riddled with loopholes, considerably weaker than those in other developed countries with lower levels of crime, or were relaxed or allowed to lapse over the decades, such as the assault weapons ban.”


  1. Much as we need to do something about gun control, we shouldn’t let ourselves get as hysterical as the pro-gun people. It isn’t getting worse–we’re just more aware of it, because of high-profile shootings. It’s still a disgrace for us that we have so many more gun-related deaths than any other developed nation.

    1. It is worse and one state I can’t recall this minute saw their gun deaths go up 16% when they enhanced their conceal carry and dropped a number of the restrictions to buying guns in the first place.

  2. It’s worth noting that nearly all of the automobile-related deaths are accidents, while the opposite is true of the gun deaths.

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