GOP Wants a Conservative

Gallup: “The ideological profile of the ideal Republican presidential candidate looks much the same now as it did before the 2008 election. Six in 10 Republicans nationwide, including independents who lean toward the GOP, want the party to nominate a conservative to represent it in 2016. About one in three want a moderate candidate, while support for a liberal is in the single digits.”

Republicans' Ideological Preferences for Their Party's Presidential Nominee

“Meanwhile, Democrats’ desire for a ‘liberal’ or ‘very liberal’ candidate has grown, from 30% in 2007 to 36% now. However, the largest share of Democrats and Democratic leaners — 40% — still mostly prefer a moderate candidate. This desire has shrunk somewhat from 48% in 2007.”

“The past eight years have arguably been a transformative era in U.S. politics … Despite all of this, the desire among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents for a conservative candidate has not waned in the party’s time out of the White House. However, a sizable one in three Republicans and GOP-leaning independents would prefer a moderate. Though Democrats remain most interested in a moderate candidate, their openness to a liberal one has grown.”

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