Despite ‘War on Cops,’ 2015 Was One of the Safest Years for Cops

Vox: “For much of 2015, Fox News and the New York Post decried a “war on cops,” specifically blaming the Black Lives Matter movement — and its criticisms of excessive use of force by cops — for enabling a wave of violence against police officers in the US.”

“Yet with the year over, it looks like 2015 was one of the safest years to be a police officer in America. Since 1960, only 2013 had fewer on-duty police officer deaths than 2015.”

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“The Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks police officer deaths, estimated 129 police officers died in the line of duty in 2015, down 3 percent from 2014. This continued the long-term trend downward, based on the organization’s statistics going back decades.”

“The single biggest cause of death in 2015 was gunfire. Out of 129 deaths, 39 were gun homicides and two were accidental shootings. But deadly shootings were down from 2014, when 49 cops died to gunfire.”

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  1. Imagine how low the stats would be if we had decent gun control.

    Which police associations do tend to strongly support.

    And yet when white gun nuts point assault rifles at them, they just stand there.

    And when a black kid shows them a three inch knife while walking in the other direction, sixty feet away…..

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