How Well is Obamacare Working?

The Hill: “ObamaCare left 2015 in a stronger position than it began, though the threats of rising premiums, skittish insurers and challenges from Washington loom for the president’s signature health law during his final year in office.”

“So how well is ObamaCare actually working?

“’We’re through the risk of ‘Oh my goodness, it might not work,’  said Bob Kocher, a former Obama White House adviser on health reform. ‘I think we’re now in the figuring out how to make it work well mode.’”

“’The risk of the law collapsing is very slim if not non-existent,’ Levitt said. ‘Enrollment is still growing, the risk pool is likely improving. At this point, the law seems perfectly sustainable.’”

“Still, it appears unlikely that the sign-up numbers will approach what the Congressional Budget Office projected they would be: as many as 20 million enrollees in 2016. Defenders say that’s partly because fewer employers are dropping coverage and pushing people into ObamaCare.”

LA Times: “Customers are shifting their attention from premiums to deductibles and co-pays, and insurers are testing new cost-sharing designs.”

“‘Consumers haven’t been used to shopping’ for the most cost-effective plans, says Tim McBride, a healthcare economist at Washington University in St. Louis … Insurers are experimenting with how to make deductibles and co-pays more effective in keeping costs down.”

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  • James_in_Sacramento

    The chance of the law not working was tied to convincing the Y’all Queda crowd to defy the mandate to make it collapse, the real threat though is a Republican President who will undo the law with the support of their majorities in Congress.

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